What mom says is law.

January 13, 2013

Whenever we tell mom that we can’t join them on Sundays because we need to study or cram do some project, she’d (happily) let us be. Studies come first, as mom would often remind us back then.

This morning, I told her that I might not go out with them because I plan to review [for the boards]. She Okayed. But during lunch, she stated what if I just study tomorrow. (lol) =))))

Okay. XD I’m (usually) an obedient daughter after all.


life and pasion

December 25, 2012



from: Holstee Manifesto

december update

December 25, 2012

I’ll be taking the board exam next year~! Honestly, I have a lot more to read/study. (I have not even gone through 1/3 of it!) Yet, I’m kind of looking forward to the exam dates! Keyword: kind of. I just want to get this one milestone over with.

Should I be worried that I’m not worried that I had not yet gone through even 1/3 of the reviewers? (lol) I just saw a stat on facebook that an acquaintance seemed very very much worried and nervous that we have one month left. o_o Erm… yeh… literally one month.

Oh well, I’ll still be taking my pace. Getting myself all worked-up would not help me store in all the necessary knowledge. =)

Happy Hoildays~!

Some Positivity

September 19, 2012

Would it be mean to say that I’m still ‘categorizing’ some of my friends if they are under my happy list? …If yes, I’m sorry in advance.

The image is circulating in Facebook.

Question of the evening

September 4, 2012

how do you make decisions?how sure are you that the conclusion that you have arrived to is absolute?

of idiocy and guilt

September 4, 2012

Have you ever wronged a friend or stopped communicating with them or are just not in speaking terms anymore because of a past issue? Well, I have. And, I admit that it’s entirely my fault. (o__o) I have… hurt a former close friend. His friend said he’s not mad anymore. He’s indifferent. Or just don’t care anymore. Huh… That made me sad more than knowing he might still be mad. I think I’d feel better knowing he’s mad than indifferent. Not that that fact matters to them. (And, I bet his friend would be very happy knowing this). I understand ish though; that what I did was majorly wrong. I know he forgives but not forgets. (Whenever I just think of that time, my conscience grieves over my stupidity.)

I would love to mend this broken relationship, but my guilt and cowardliness just won’t allow it. Every time I see him, I just want to run away and hide. I’m also very embarrassed of myself. I did try to make up, but I ended up running away from it. We do small talks every now and then… But, the thing is small talks with strangers or people I rarely talk to already make me feel awkward. Lol o_o; So… this is like 2x or more more awkward. Yey me. To think I’m a dragon and a Sagittarius for freaking sake.

If ever I can turn back time, would I change history? I think the ending will still be the same, but in a much lighter note.

I am getting ready to take the board on January next year! I can’t afford leaving or resigning from work, so, I’m still working at the same time reviewing. Same goes with 2 other officemates. Recently though, one of the seniors opening greeting or ice breaker before meetings is: “board exam question, (insert question).” O_o;

I had asked a quick question to him today about a person’s line of sight. He quickly replied and explained briefly about it. He then ended with a, “is this a board exam question?” (o_o); erm….. No sir… It’s for one of our projects. He then proceeded expounding about the said topic. ^^; Thank you for the info though.

Seriously, I think he’ll do well as a professor.

don’t panic!

August 29, 2012

I had/have quite a few deadlines that are parallel to each other. Some officemates thought it amazing that I’m not panicking. … Actually, I am internally. A mini version of myself is running around and screaming incoherently in my head with alarm bells ringing loudly. On the outside, I just look like this: (O_O).

Alma Mater

July 31, 2012

Well…. I don’t know why this is rampant in twitter….. #uneans. =)) but, what the heck.


I graduated from this small populated Chinese high school here in Metro Manila who is known for its discipline, academic excellence, and charity. For high school stereotypes, Uneans are called the nerds. The label was from a long time ago when our periodic exams were during Januaries, which was also the start of the inter-Chinese schools basketball season. ‘Outsiders’ see Uneans armed with notebooks or textbooks at the bleachers during games, yet cheering for the team. XD

There is this thing our school is quite infamous for. I remember our first few conversations with a blockmate from a neighbouring Chinese school asked me if it’s true that our classrooms have CCTV cameras. Yes, yes we do. Actually, it’s not just our classrooms, but also the hallways, library, front lobbies, back lobbies, music room, canteen, etc minus the washrooms (because that would be weird). And, yes, someone is observing behind those lenses, our dear disciplinarian who also roams the corridors and peers through the classrooms’ doors’ glass windows. I find it amusing to see the ‘outsiders’ baffled expressions. Seriously, you won’t feel conscious about the cameras.

I remember there was a time when our college had planned on putting up CCTV cameras in the elevators, and, maybe also the hallways. One particular blockmate was strongly against it. Her argument was about the student bodies’ privacy. Seriously? =)) I found her reason quite laughable. For one thing, most buildings’ elevators have cameras. What difference would it make to have the college’s elevators install cameras? (rofl) what privacy do you intend to protect the student body in there for? Snogging? (Haha)

Anyway, some tweets that made me feel nostalgic of my alma mater:
– Whenever you were told to stand at the back of the classroom because you got caught sleeping in class by the disciplinarian. (fail ninja sleep)

– When you hear the drummers (pep squad) practicing at the gym during lunch breaks.

– When you practically fail in math classes in high school, but breeze through math in college.

– When you don’t study at night, and then cram in the morning… for your test that morning.

– When you study/cram during lunch breaks for your test that afternoon, yet don’t mind the drummers’ practicing.

– When you know approximately what time the disciplinarian is going to walk along the corridor, so that you can prepare ninja nap from the teacher afterwards. (XD)

– When ‘soriano’ (not her real name, obviously) was your Chinese teacher, you had stayed after classes to memorize and recite a paragraph or two. There was no way of escaping her. And despite those negatives, you still love her anyway. =))

– When you can leave your things unattended anywhere in school, yet when you return, they are still where you left them. Or at least, at the lost and found area. (except during events when outsiders are allowed to enter the school).

– When you had to fall in line during flag ceremonies and recesses at the playground, and then walk to your classrooms quietly, unless you want the disciplinarian to pull you out of the queue and instruct you to stand in front of the lobby.

– When you had stood in front of the lobby.

– When you practically know almost everyone in school at least by faces, especially those of 3 years higher and lower to your batch.

Some of the above might sound unappealing or downright negative to you, but they are amusing to us Uneans. =))

image source: taken from UNO@50APV.


July 24, 2012

After several years of not playing rpgs or any ‘character game’ (save for ragnarok) and zero counter strike mouse skills, last night I played dragon nest with my sister. What an experience it was. I had trouble controlling the darn mouse, muttering the commands outloud for the lack of hand and brain coordination, semi-panicking, yelling, and cursing the ‘bosses’ per quests.


I forgot how fun it was to play such games XD will be playing again tonight~! I shall not bring home officeworks, unless if it is very necessary, anymore!